Bungie Says Halo: Reach Screens Are Pre-Alpha

Bungie Level Artist Says Screenshots Aren’t Representative of Final Product

January 23, 2010 – The numerous released screenshots of Halo: Reach are pre-alpha. Vic Deleon, videogame Level Artist at Bugnie tweeted, “Have a taste of what we’ve been working on http://trunc.it/4v9j8 remember those screenshots are pre-alpha, the real thing is looking hawttt!”

What does the news mean? It means that the screenshots we’ve all seen of Halo: Reach are not representative of what the final product will look like. While in pre-alpha, developers will be working out the AI, developing the maps and formulating the story. What it really means is that, until we see Alpha build screenshots what we’re looking at isn’t really representative of the final product but instead, the ideas and stylings of the game.

Halo: Reach is expected to be released during the 2010 holiday season. It is being developed by Bungie and will be available exclusively on the Xbox 360. A multiplayer beta will commence in the spring, available to owners of Halo 3: ODST.

Source: Twitter