New Tony Hawk Ride In The Works?

Activision May Be Back For Another Ride

January 22, 2010 Via twitter yesterday, Tony Hawk told the world that he was meeting Robomobo, the developers of Tony Hawk Ride, about their next big thing.

Now, Ride was met with some less than constuctive reviews from…well, everyone. It only seemed like Tony Hawk himself defended the game and its skate board controller.

Despite the poor reviews, the game sold a reported 114,000 copies in its first two weeks. Looks like many people didn’t pay attention to or care about the reviews. But it’s probably more likely that most buyers just didn’t know anything about the game other than that it has a cool-looking peripheral that would be fun for the kiddies.

It seems that a new Tony Hawk game will be in the works. Let’s just hope it gets better reviews than the first game.