Mass Effect 2 and MAG Get Midnight Release at GameStop

Get ‘Em At Midnight On The 25th!

January 22, 2010 – The release of two big Xbox 360 and PS3 exclusives, Mass Effect 2 and MAG has prompted GameStop to open its stores across North America at midnight on Monday. The store will allow customers who pre-ordered the games to pick them up and play them that night.

More than 2,500 GameStop stores will be open to deal with the masses of excited fans.

Mass Effect 2 is receiving stunning reviews ahead of its release and MAG is touting the ability to allow 256 gamers to fight on one multiplayer map.

A full list of the GameStop stores participating can be found here. Just in case you are so excited to step into Commander Shepard’s new adventure (or to play all other midnight shooters in MAG) that you can’t wait until morning. We don’t blame you. We can’t wait either.

Source: GameStop