Polish Developer Looks To Create World’s Worst Game

iPhone Game, “Crap of Defense” Intends To Be Worst Game Ever Made

January 22, 2010 For the better part of 40 years developers have worked hard to establish a tradition of excellence by delivering the best games possible. Decades of work are currently being shattered to bits by iPhone developer iFun4all, who is looking to create the absolute worst game possible.

The title is a completely backwards tower defense game. Instead of having to strategically place towers along an enemy’s path player will already be supplied with towers in pre-set locations, and will have to control the guns manually. But the premise of the game isn’t what makes it the worst title in the world, but rather the way it’s being made. iFun4all CEOs have ensured the awful quality of their title by setting the project budget at the equivalent of 500 Russian rubles and comprising the team of a remote network of game designers worldwide. Just for good measure the team is also using outdated technology (when they are using it at all) and music written by a deaf composer. In fact, the company is so sure that their title will be the worst video game ever that they even named it Crap of Defense.

Below are some commentaries from the development team.

“Work on this game was extremely hard. We don’t have any computers in our village so I had to paint everything on paper and hence the style,” states the game’s artist Zhao Wang from China.

“It’s because the last music our composer Boris Czernienko heard before he gone deaf 20 years ago was Soviet national anthem. Boris is the cheapest person in the team. He actually paid us so we would use his music. Without him we couldn’t afford to finish the production,” comments Laszlo Kovacs, the Hungarian project manager.

“We’ve heard that to be successful at Apple store you have to have good engine. So we’ve found really good one from old black Volga at a local car-scrap. But to be honest we didn’t see this any use in our game. Maybe it works better for driving games?” jokes world famous Hungarian game designer Fulop Meszaros.

Normally these would all be challenges that developers would have to work around in order to create a good game. But since the goal here is just the opposite, the designers will have to work with the challenges rather than against. From the information the company has provided and the team’s comments, Crap of Defense looks like it will be one strange game that will turn the tower defense genre on its head when it’s released on the iPhone’s App Store next week.

Source: iFun4all Twitter Page