R4 Importer Sentenced To One Year In Prison

UK Resident Imported 26,500 R4 Cartridges, Which Allow Pirating of DS Games

January 19, 2010 – A UK resident, Yun Can Meng, was sentenced to one year in prison after he plead guilty to importing more than 26,500 R4 cartridges, which are made solely for the purpose of copy Nintendo DS games.

In 2009, a Tokyo court ruled that the cartridges were illegal and banned the sale of the R4 throughout Japan. Since then, Nintendo, Capcom and other manufacturers have filed suit to keep the R4’s from being manufactured. Now, it appears that governments are taking the resale of the R4 cartridges as a serious violation of anti-piracy laws. In November of 2009, the British Court of Appeals declared that copyrights were infringed by the playing of a counterfeit game on a chipped console.

The ELSPA (Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association) said it was “pleased with the outcome of this trial and pleased to see the Court of Appeal’s copyright judgement is being robustly enforced.”

Source: ELSPA via Joystiq

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