Microsoft Says November Was Biggest Month in Xbox 360 History

Microsoft Xbox 360 Records $838 million in November sales, more than all other consoles combined

Microsoft’s director of product management Aaron Greenberg said yesterday when speaking with Gamespot, that this November was the “biggest month in the history of the Xbox 360 business.” He declared that $838 million was spent at US retailers on Xbox 360 games, consoles and accessories. A total of 1.4 billion was spent in the US on console gaming in November, indicating that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 controlled a majority of the sales.

The report comes on the heels of both the NPD Group’s November sales report and a day after Greenberg, on the eve of Halo: Reach’s world premiere, claimed that Halo: Reach would be the biggest title of 2010.

Microsoft is really excited about last month, and for good reason. Modern Warfare 2, the largest entertainment launch in world history, sold over 6 million units in the US and Canada alone, and the Xbox 360 controlled the majority of those sales, with 4.2 million Xbox 360 copies sold as compared to the 1.87 million sales on Sony’s Playstation 3.

While 2009 has seen a large number of hit titles, the NPD Group also reported that sales have been down this year and were down 7.6% in November. In a down market, Microsoft seems to be holding its own. Greenberg also told Gamespot that the Modern Warfare 2 unit sales numbers did not include the $400, limited-edition 250 GB Xbox 360 model that included the game. While he didn’t specify how many units were sold, he did say that Microsoft would be considering offering more limited edition Xbox 360s given the success of the Modern Warfare 2 edition.

Modern Warfare 2 sales propelled the Xbox 360 to its biggest month ever

Modern Warfare 2 sales propelled the Xbox 360 to its biggest month ever

In addition, Microsoft logged a stunning 5.2 million multiplayer hours on Modern Warfare 2’s launch day, and 2 million unique users were online at one point. Considering the monthly subscription rate for Xbox Live Gold, Microsoft undoubtedly profited nicely from Modern Warfare 2’s popular multiplayer component.

The premiere of Halo: Reach will debut during the VGA’s tonight, live on Spike TV at 8 ET. Terminal Gamer will be blogging live on our website as the event unfolds.

Source: Nov. ‘biggest month in Xbox 360 history’ – Microsoft