Blogging Live From the VGA’s

We’re covering the biggest night in video gaming – the Video Game Awards on Spike TV. Here’s where it all happens. This is where the fans vote on their favorite games of the year, and some of the biggest games of 2010 are revealed.

We’ll be blogging live throughout the ceremony to provide you with thoughts and dissections of everything as it happens.

And without much further ado, let’s do this.

7:56 – Ready to go. Rumor, according to Geoff Keighley at GameTrailers TV, which is owned by Spike, said on Twitter earlier today that, within the first five minutes there will be the biggest surprise premiere in VGA history. Get ready!

8:00 Joker is on stage. HUGE world premiere. Chaos on the streets near Arkham Asylum. Arkham Asylum 2 revealed!

8:04 – Best voice in a video game being revealed. Anyone want to bet on Chloe Frazier?

8:05 – Jack Black wins. Wraps cape around his shoulders. Great comedic actor in a role made specifically for him. Brutal Legend first on the board.

8:07 – Jack Black taken off stage about the injustice of Brutal Legend not being nominated for best game.

8:08 – World premiere of Yakuza 3 for the PS3. Looks to be an open-world, action-filled title. Lots of hand fighting and guns. Motorcycle chases galore. Has already been out for the PS3 in Japan to critical acclaim.

8:13 – Cliffy B is saying via Twitter that the gas from the Joker’s appearance on stage is giving him a buzz. Seeing the premiere for Arkham Asylum’s sequel gave me a buzz.

8:14 – What other major premieres do you think we’ll see tonight?

8:14 – New Tron game premiere hinted at.

8:15 – New Tron game: Tron Revolution premiering. It looks like Tron will be full of fighting? Tron should be beautiful on 360s and PS3s.

8:18 – Best Action Adventure Game. Nominees Assassin’s Creed II, Arkham Asylum, Brutal Legend, Uncharted 2(lots of cheering from audience). Assassin’s Creed II wins. Shocked. No Uncharted 2 love? Must have been riding its late release date into voting.

8:19 – Montreal!

8:21 – Deadliest Warrior – The Game being premiered. Ninja and a knight fight against each other. Realistically doesn’t make sense. But that’s okay. Being developed by Pipeworks.

8:22 – New Star Wars video game will be revealed next. Samuel L. Jackson revealing. Love Samuel L. Jackson.

8:23 – Will Halo: Reach premiere right at 9:59?

8:24 – UFC 2010 premiere. Kimbo Slice reveals it.

8:25 – Zach Braff on stage. One of my favorite actors ever. Right next to Bruce Campbell. Scrubs. Scrubs!

8:26 – Studio of the year awards. Naughty Dog ought to win. Got to go with Uncharted 2 at some point. Although, Valve is always deserving. Naughty Dog, Infinity Ward, Rocksteady Studios, Valve.

8:27 – Rocksteady Studios wins. Arkham Asylum shaping up to be big winner of the night in early running.

8:29 – Samuel L. Jackson on stage. Proclaims his Jedi allegiance. Says he is a “badass mothaf#*%er.”

8:30 – “Death is a natural part of life,” says Yoga. And so it begins. The star of the new Star Wars game has two sides pulling at him. Enters an arena. Stars Wars: The Force Unleashed II. Let’s hope it’s improved over the first game. Looks promising though, with an intriguing story of a conflicted, dangerous character.

8:32 – World premiere of Halo: Reach coming up soon apparently.

8:35 – I keep trying to access No luck.

8:37 – Jake Gylenhall on stage. Prince of Persia movie talk. First look at Prince of Persia movie. Where’s the game, though?

8:38 – Trailer for Prince of Persia looks excellent. Could we actually have a good, action-packed, and intelligent game movie? Maybe!

8:39 – Sports game of the year awards being announced. NHL 10??? Please! Or FIFA 10. Almost certain!

8:40 – NHL 10 wins! Finally I got one right! And, it’s so well deserved. One of the best sports games I’ve ever played. So realistic.

8:41 – Lucky Luc Robitaille is on stage! If you can’t tell, I am a Canuck.

8:42 – Forgotten Sands world premiere. Woah!

8:43 – Was that a sand monster in the Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands premiere? Unbelievable. Really, really stoked to play Prince of Persia. Wish there was some gameplay footage, though. What do you guys think? Do the CG movies show us anything at all about the games?

8:48 – Had a problem with the comment function. It’s on now. Let us know your thoughts on the night!

8:49 – Best performance by a human male is won by Hugh Jackman.

8:50 – Best independent game. Flower was awfully beautiful. Will it win?

8:51 – I think it’s great that independent studios get recognized for the hard work they put in. Flower wins!

8:53 – Snoop Dogg up for a performance.

8:57 – Crackdown 2 world premiere coming up.

9:00 – What do we think of the awards given so far?

9:01 – Split Second premiere. Lots of violent car crashes and explosions.

9:02 – Upside down American flag. Apocalyptic wasteland. “I admit, my methods are unconventional. But they are necessary.” Desert has overtaken a city. Incredible action. One handed shooting. “You must think I’m a monster. Or I’ve gone insane.” World premiere of Spec Ops: The Line. Looks amazing.

9:05 – Best sports game (individual) – Tiger Woods doesn’t elicit too much snickering laughter.

9:06 – UFC 2009 wins Best Sports Game (individual).

9:09 – Crackdown 2 world premiere. Was that a zombie he ran over in the car? Yes, I think it was lots of zombies. Zombies must be the new thing. Also, was that a team of heroes? Co-op play confirmed in Crackdown 2. Tagline: “Would you like to blow s#*t up with me?”

9:12 – Thinking about how badly I want to play Crackdown 2.

9:15 – Snoop Dogg up on stage talking about RPGs. Best RPG award coming…

9:16 – Dragon Age: Origins should win. Love Bioware.

9:16 – Dragon Age: Origins wins. Also wins Best PC Game. Is there any doubt that Bioware will pull away with three awards tonight. I’m predicting Mass Effect 2 wins Most Anticipated Game.

9:17 – Green Day promoting world premiere of their video game. Their songs, their favorite venues. Green Day: Rock Band. A step down from Beatles Rock Band? I think so. Nonetheless, they’re still a great band. Just not EPIC enough to warrant their own Rock Band immediately following the Beatles, are they?

9:18 – Best Human Female. Megan Fox. AKA Sexiest female award. Shadow Complex wins best downloadable game.

9:19 – Best Wii Game – New Super Mario Brothers Wii.

9:19 – God of War 3 wins Most Anticipated Game. I’m shocked.

9:22 -I was sure Mass Effect 2 would win Most Anticipated. Especially given the recent news that it would be shipping on two discs. That game is going to be huge! Nonetheless, God of War 3 looks so epic.

9:24 – Joel McHale to announce premier of Medal of Honor soon. In just a minute…

9:25 – Medal of Honor premiere. So stoked.

9:25 – Medal of Honor looks great. Coming in Fall of 2010. Looks to be an action-packed epic set during our current war in Afghanistan. Definitely going straight after Modern Warfare, as it should be. Guy kicks a man with bomb strapped to him out a window just in time. Bombing from airplanes. Should be exciting. But can it dethrone Modern Warfare 2?

9:27 – Are people from “The Jersey Shore” really introducing Best Shooter? Ugh.

9:28 – Best Shooter goes to….Modern Warfare 2.

9:28 – A little surprised that Modern Warfare 2 won best shooter – I thought that perhaps the PC community would really make a push to keep it out of the running. Well deserved though. A nearly perfect game experience! So action packed. The rush I felt while charging towards the White House? Unbelievable!

9:30 – Chinatown Wars wins best handheld game. Best original score: Halo 3: ODST. Best Xbox 360 game: Left4Dead 2. Best Game Based on Movie or Show: South Park. Best Multiplayer Game: Modern Warfare 2.

9:32 – Any thoughts on Modern Warfare 2 winning Best Shooter? Gamers seemed to have mixed opinions on the story and gameplay.

9:33 – Stunned that Brutal Legend didn’t win Best Soundtrack. Can a music-based game such as DJ Hero or Rock Band actually count? Actually, was Beatles: Rock Band nominated? Because if so, it should have definitely beat DJ Hero.

9:36 – Just checked. Beatles: Rock Band was nominated. You’ve got to be kidding me. Great band ever got beat out by rap music???!!

9:37 – Stevie Wonder presenting Best Music Game. Injustice if Beatles: Rock Band doesn’t win. Honestly.

9:38 – Beatles: Rock Band wins! Justice!

9:39 – Where are Paul and Ringo?

9:42 – So far I have to say that the most exciting premieres have been Arkham Asylum 2, Medal of Honor, and Crackdown 2. Most surprising wins: Best Soundtrack – DJ Hero, Best Studio – Rocksteady Studios. Thoughts?

9:47 – Only a few minutes left. Is my prediction about Halo: Reach premiere about to come true? 9:58, I’m telling you. Keeping us on the edge of our seats until the last minute.

9:48 – Halo music playing. Are we receiving a premiere?? Oh pretty please!

9:49 – Here we go! Halo: Reach premiere.

9:49 – Heavily uniformed Spartan. “Spartan’s never die, George, they’re just missing in action.” Climb into helicopter in heavily mountained area. Gunfire and explosions lighting the sky. Lightning cracks. Hints at a search for Master Chief? What do you guys think?

9:52 – Game of the Year award. Who will win you guys?

9:53 – Assassin’s Creed II, Arkham Asylum, Modern Warfare 2, Uncharted 2 or Left4Dead 2?

9:54 – Uncharted 2: Among Thieves wins Game of the Year. No surprise. Also wins Best PS3 Game and Best Graphics. Deservedly so. 3 wins out of 8 nominations for Uncharted 2 and the Naughty Dog team.

9:57 – Congratulations to all the winners tonight. An excellent awards ceremony.

9:58 – So that’s it, folks. The VGA’s are history and what a show it was. Stay tuned to Terminal Gamer for updates on all the latest premieres, news about the winners, and a recap of the awards ceremony.

9:59 – And so begins the debating. What do you guys think about tonight? Who was hosed? Which game were you most excited to see win?

10:03 – Just about to sign out for the night, but visited Arkham Has Moved. Site is now up. Trailer is available for viewing now: Arkham Has Moved.