Terminal Gamer Review – geoDefense

geoDefense is An Excellent Tower Defense Game for the iPhone

Every gaming system has a certain genre of games that stand out. For the iPhone, it is quite clear that tower defense is it’s niche. If you’re new to the iPhone gaming experience or consider yourself to be a casual player, then it can be tough to determine which games to download given all the choices. on the App Store. Slap on a low price tag of just under a buck, and you’ll have just about everyone interested.

Like every tower defense game, the object of geoDefense is simple. You place an array of different types of towers along a set path that enemies will travel along, with your goal being kill them before they reach the end. Sounds simple enough, but the game progresses at a steady pace, gaining difficulty with each wave of enemies. It is addictive, and you’ll end up needing to find the right strategy in order to win each stage. The game offers 30 levels in total which is fairly lengthy, however, the difficulty level compared to other tower defense games I have played is somewhat on the easy side. That’s not to say that geoDefense is a breeze, it fits somewhere in between a challenge and being way too easy.

Controls are spot on. To place towers you drag icons from the bottom of the screen to where you think they are needed. You’ll have to keep track of your total money though, as each tower costs its own unique amount depending on the damage done. To upgrade or sell one of your towers you simply tap it with your finger and choose the options you want to use. And if you get frustrated with being caught mid-game with a phone call, the game addresses that by auto saving when you hold down the home button.

geoDefense offers fun, tower defense gaming

geoDefense offers fun, tower defense gaming

The game offers a hip, retro feel, not unlike that made famous by titles such as Geometry Wars, with a ‘vector-based’ setting that serves its purpose of making the game more accessible to the more casual gamer. It’s been done before, but in this case it works fine.

Instead of the usual techno-vibe soundtrack that you would expect from this type of experience, the game allows you to play songs from your phone. This is a cool feature, but I can’t help but think its strange to play a stylish game while listening to classic rock or heavy metal, in this way its a shame that the game does not offer its own, night club inspired mix.

The Final Word

The truth is, geoDefense is one of the finest strategy games you can buy for your iPhone right now, (take in to effect that the game is well priced.) It features tried and true gameplay that is easy to pick up and play, but tough to master. It’s hard to argue with a formula that has its roots in gaming history, and any strategy game fan should pick this one up.

The Scorecard


+ Addictive tower defense gameplay

+ Cool, vector based visuals

+ Cheap, cheap, cheap

– Lack of any real soundtrack