Music Coming to the DS in February

New Game to Teach Music Theory on the DS

Come Febuary, 2010, gamers will be able to learn music theory on their Nintendo DS. Music (yes, the game itself is called Music)has been developed by famed Japanese music teacher Shiro Tsuji in order to teach music theory to players. Music will consist of 21 in-game lessons that will hopefully allow players to write music and begin playing instruments.

Nintendo has proven to be a very sound provider for learning-based games that teach things like math and how to deal with the frustrations of math by showing you how to do yoga. This is the latest in many edutainment games published by Nintendo, and is the latest music-themed game, following on Wii Music, which was released earlier this year to tepid reviews and low sales numbers.

Get ready to get your maestro on with Music in February, 2010, exclusively on the Nintendo DS.