Mega Man 10 Coming to WiiWare

Capcom’s Blue Bomber to Return to WiiWare in Mega Man 10

In 2008, Capcom surprised fans by announcing a full fledged Mega Man sequel. Instead of investing tons of money to make a cutting edge game, Capcom went back to the basics, using 8-bit graphics. Recently, Capcom announced yet another entry into the classic Blue Bomber series; Mega Man 10. Like it’s predecessor the game features Nintendo Entertainment System graphics, and sound effects. It’s set to have Mega Man and Proto Man as playable characters from the start of the game, with a yet unannounced third character.

Mega Man 10 is coming to Nintendo’s WiiWare, with no official release date as of now. Fans of the Mega Man series praised Mega Man 9 for it’s return to a basic formula, and classic feel. Mega Man 10 features an “easy” mode, for those poor souls who have yet to finish Dr. Wily’s gauntlet stage.

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