Sony’s Playstation Motion Controller Named “Gem”?

Microsoft Has ‘Project Natal’, Sony Has the ‘Gem’?

Everyone knows that Microsoft’s upcoming motion sensing controller has a name, well, at least a working title, ‘Project Natal.’ But there hasn’t been much talk regarding what Sony will be naming their upcoming, WiiMote-like controller. That is, until now, perhaps? EA Boss John Riccitiello may have let something leak while speaking at the USB 37th Annual Global Media Conference on Wednesday.

Riccitiello stated, “In the coming year both Sony and Microsoft have announced new controllers. Motion sensor controls, Natal and Gem, these are likely to bring new consumers into the marketplace.”

So according to those words, Sony’s upcoming controller could be called “Gem.” That could of course be the working title, or maybe Riccitiello knows things and said things that Sony didn’t want him too. Countering Riccitiello, Sony have issued a statement clarifying that there is no official name for their controller as of yet. as a counter.

Sony's Playstation Motion Controller, possibly named "Gem"

Sony's "Gem"

So as of now it is only speculation, but it does seem interesting. If anyone in the gaming industry (besides Sony of course) would know what the title of the controller would be, John Riccitiello would be that man. EA have heavily supported Nintendo’s Wii, and have already confirmed that they have started developing games for both Microsoft’s Natal, and Sony’s (“Gem”?).