Picking a Game Console Isn’t As Easy As It Used To Be…

Choosing The Perfect Console For You

Gone are the days of the “no brainer” console.

Back when Nintendo ruled the world ( the realm of the NES) gamers really didn’t have a choice as to what to play. Sure, arcades existed, and they were fun. But Nintendo was the go to and popular way for a game experience.

Now that Sony and Microsoft are here (and slugging it out with major price cuts to their respective consoles) Nintendo isn’t the coolest kid on the block anymore.

Now lets go to that young man (or girl, which ever you prefer) who ran to the local Gamestop in search for his next-gen gaming adventure. This person has saved his allowance (or paycheck) for this day. But what can be obtained? Well it all depends on preference…

“Gee wiz, I really love colorful adventures and revolutionary ways to play them!”

Yes, the Wii is perfect for anyone who likes a different approach to the everyday game; the controls are a testament to that. And not all the games are dark, bloody and sexy (which is good because this gamer’s parents smother him). I believe the Wii was built for ridiculously fun multiplayer experiences. (I could spend a good afternoon with my friends and Boom Blocks).

“I don’t care that my parents smother me, I WANT SOME HARDCORE ACTION!!!”

No, this gamer isn’t going to Gamestop for sex (although he may be a virgin). Nooooo, he wants an Xbox 360. Now I know there are some solid story driven games for the 360, most of the good games center on action (can you say Gears of War?) And yes, of all the consoles Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has the most robust online capability and features (just the other day, I shot my friend in Japan with a plasma rifle).

“I need insane horsepower fueling my graphics…and the Spider Man font.”

Last but not least…the N64! Hmm, no one laughed…

Yes, he wants the PS3. It has awesome power under the hood with the Cell processor. And with it, some of the best visuals of all three consoles. The roster of games is pretty impressive, including the highly anticipated Uncharted 2: Among thieves that just came out. (sign me up for multiplayer!)

One thing rings true for this person…whatever console is chosen, major fun is sure to ensue.