Update Brings PSP Minis to PS3

Playstation 3 To Receive PSP Mini Emulator With Latest Update, Data Transfer Abilities As Well

Sony has confirmed that PSP Minis will be available to play on the PlayStation 3 when the 3.15 update hits on December 17th. The change will include all Minis, with any that you’ve already bought being available to download for free on the behemoth under your TV.

Sony’s European PlayStation blog confirms that the games will be playable thanks to emulation, but doesn’t mention whether we can look forward to higher resolution versions of the Minis or whether they will simply be massively upscaled. The blog also does not mention the ongoing sore spot of PS2 emulation, much to the chagrin of us at Terminal Gamer.

The Minis, introduced to compete with the popularity of similar small games on the iPhone, offer all sorts of different game genres and styles. We just hope Sony doesn’t regret their creation when everyone’s playing Tetris for $10 on their PS3 instead of spending $60 on games that aren’t 25 years old.

The PS3’s 3.15 update will also include the ability to easily transfer data from one PS3 to another. Evidently, enough gamers are keen to upgrade to the PS3 Slim from their old glossy beast for Sony to include a way to move your information using just a LAN cable and an option in the XMB.