PSN Review – Military Madness: Nectaris

Military Madness: Nectaris Takes Turn Based Strategy Gaming to the Moon.

The Battle for the Moon

The year is 2156 and the earth is overcrowded. The Union government decides to establish lunar prison colonies to remove the undesirable criminal element from the population. In 2169, uraniam-235 is found deep under the moons surface and the colonies are forced into hard labor mining this resource. In 2185, the lunar colonies organize and rebel against the outnumbered Union security forces. Two years later, they have named themselves Xenos and announce their intentions to annihilate all life on Earth with a newly created super-weapon. Union forces invade the moon to stop them and the moon is plunged into military madness.


Military Madness: Nectaris is a 3D, turn based strategy game that uses a hex-board grid to determine movement of selected forces. If it seems familiar, that’s because it is a HD remake of a TurboGrafx-16 game from a previous generation. The game uses basic turn-based strategy gameplay. When it is your turn, you select one of your units and move it to the desired location. You can then attack an enemy unit, or perform a different action depending on the unit you’re moving. Each unit starts out with 8 pieces in their squad. Squads types range from infantry patrols (which move around by jetpack by the looks of it) to enormous tanks and heavily armed aircraft. The goal of the battle is to either capture the enemy’s base (which can only be done by the infantry) or wipe out all opposing forces. The map layout seems fairly basic until you take into account the geography in use on the map. You have mountains that are perfect for a valley ambush, and bases that are almost impenetrable if a full tank squad is in place. These mountains can also restrict travel, limiting your forces to a lower number of places to move. The battle animations themselves are pretty basic, and after watching a few, the skip feature will come in handy and speed up the overall battle. The campaign can take a while to play through, and if you like turn based games, it is pretty fun. Slightly repetitive, but it can test your thinking skills, and that can negates the repetitiveness of it. There is online multiplayer so you can test your skills against four unpredictable humans, and that gives the game some replayability.


You are playing a game that is based on the moon. Graphics are exactly what you should expect. Moonscapes. They aren’t bad to look at, it’s just the moon and the moon isn’t a pretty place. The game play is smooth, and so are the graphics. The battle animations aren’t groundbreaking, and will be skipped in the long run, but none of this takes away from the over all gaming experience. You are in a war, on the moon, and shouldn’t be expecting lush jungles or beautiful mountains.

The Sound

The audio in the game is a mix of techno that doesn’t always seem to fit into the moonscape, but I’m not sure what would. This type of game really screams for custom soundtracks, and would probably gain a larger fan base if it implemented that. The battle sound effects have a good quality sound to them.

The Final Word

The original Nectaris game debuted in 1989 and has been remade more than a few times. This remake is its first in HD, and is fun to play, if you like turn based strategy games. Luckily there is a demo on the PSN to try out, and the final price is only $9.99. It isn’t a budget breaker and if you like the game, it is worth the price.

The Scorecard


+ Lengthy campaign and fun online play
+ Perfect game for turn based strategy gamers
+ Free PSN demo
+ Low price

– Not many players online
– Repetitive action sequences
– Custom soundtracks needed

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