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Crackdown 2 Receives ‘Mature’ Rating from ESRB

Crackdown 2 received a ‘Mature’ rating from the ESRB, the United States’ video game rating board today.

Crysis 2 Premieres in Times Square

Last night Crytek unveiled their latest game, Crysis 2, with a mysterious teaser trailer shown on the big screen in New York City’s Times Square.

Xbox 360 USB Storage Update Now Available

The Xbox 360 system update enabling gamers to use generic USB devices to store save games and other data in sizes up to 16 GB is now live. Gamers who sign onto Xbox LIVE will be able to download the

You Paid How Much For Your 360?

Now I’ve heard, and I’m sure you have all heard, too, about the Xbox 360 cases that were made and sold in Germany for around $11,000 and which consisted of a mural of Tomb Raiders’ Lara Croft completely made of

What Microsoft Must Do With Their Rumored Xbox 360 Slim

Microsoft may be developing a slim Xbox 360 to compete with the PlayStation 3 slim. The rumor regarding the slim Xbox 360 has caught fire since a Chinese message board featured pictures of a new, significantly smaller motherboard that features