You Paid How Much For Your 360?

Now I’ve heard, and I’m sure you have all heard, too, about the Xbox 360 cases that were made and sold in Germany for around $11,000 and which consisted of a mural of Tomb Raiders’ Lara Croft completely made of Crystals (43,000 to be precise). And how about the 360 faceplate that was cast out of 999.99 ounces of solid 24 karat gold that sold on Ebay in 2005 for over $36,000 dollars? But this article is not about a magnificent Xbox or one with any sort of “solid gold” anything.

On March 8th an Xbox 360 with a 20 GB HD, a single controller and Need For Speed: Carbon was put on auction on Ebay with a starting bid of $99.00 and a shipping cost of $15.32. Ten days later it sold for $3,050.


The Item was confiscated from the former Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon’s residence in June, 2008 as part of a plea agreement in a perjury case.

Within the first day the item quickly climbed up to four-hundred dollars and did not stay at a single price for very long. Between the 27 bidders who placed 68 bids on the 360 it finally rested at $3,000 for four days before being “sniped” at the last second for $3,050.

I can only speculate why this seemingly “normal” 360 went up that high in price. It could be because the proceeds were being given to a youth association (a good cause, no doubt) or it could be because of the famousness of the case itself. Or the fact that someone wanted to have something from a crime scene?

Personally, I think the “Evidence” sticker looks pretty snazzy. But not $3,000.00 worth of snaz.