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StarCraft II Beta Test Is Officially Live

Just hours after we reported that Blizzard had posted the official system requirements for the StarCraft II closed beta, the game went live online. Lucky gamers who were selected for the closed beta are now able to experience the thrill

StarCraft II Beta System Requirements Revealed [For Real!]

Blizzard unveiled the minimum system requirements for the StarCraft II Beta today. This comes only a few weeks after false system requirements were unveiled on Blizzard’s forums and we’re quickly announced as such by Blizzard and taken down. It seems

StarCraft II’s System Requirements Revealed

System Requirements For StarCraft II’s Beta Reveal The Game Will Work For Just About Everyone

Starcraft 2 Will Feature Mini Protoss Campaign

Announcement via Blizzard’s Online Forums Reveals Short Protoss Campaign, Possible Prologue to Larger Story January 4, 2010 – Today, Blizzard revealed that there will be a ‘mini-campaign’ featuring the Protoss, bundled within the larger, Terran storyline of Starcraft 2.