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Free Realms Passes 20 Million Registered Player Mark

Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) has announced that more than 20 million users have registered for Free Realms® since its launch in 2009. Check out the massive details after the jump.  

SOE’S Highly Anticipated Title Payday The Heist Available Now for PC Systems

Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) today announced that its high-intensity, squad-based, first person shooter PAYDAY™ The Heist is now available via digital download for PC systems. Check out the details after the jump.  

DC Universe Online Goes Free-to-Play for the PC and the Console Next Month

Sony Online Entertainment Announces Three Access Levels for Popular Superhero Online Action Game. More details after the jump.

Sony Online Entertainment Unveils Slate of New Games for the Playstation Network

Top PlayStation Network Publisher Reveals New Development Plans and Extends Collaboration with PopCap Games. More details after the jump.

DC Universe Online Set for a January 11th Release in North America

DC Universe Online get’s a release date and a subscription price. More details after the jump.