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Review – The Gundemonium Collection

The Gundemonium Collection consists of three separate games, and each game delivers 2D, anime-style game play, and brings the indie “bullet hell” genre to the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. With high-impact weaponry, each of the Gundemonium titles offers multiple levels

Review – Assassin’s Creed 2 Battle of Forli DLC

Value DLC Enhances Story With Six New Memories

PSN Review – Inferno Pool

Pool games have been around for just about as long as video games themselves. There have been OK games, and even some good ones, but most have missed the mark due to awful physics. With Inferno Pool, Dark Energy Digital

PSN Review 'topatoi™: The Great Tree Story' is Not Another Shooter (PS3)

– By Louis Edwards On the PlayStation store you have been able to find a wide variety of games for your PS3. The majority of the smaller titles have been shooter based and not very innovating. Now ‘topatoi™: The Great

Terminal Gamer’s First Impressions of Mafia II

Gritty, Realistic Mobster Game Boasts A 700 Page Script, Huge Sandbox World Mafia II, developed by 2K Czech (a new acquisition of 2K and formerly known as Illusion Softworks) is shaping up to be a deep, involved story that is