Review – The Gundemonium Collection

The Gundemonium Collection consists of three separate games, and each game delivers 2D, anime-style game play, and brings the indie “bullet hell” genre to the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. With high-impact weaponry, each of the Gundemonium titles offers multiple levels of action, remote play capability and at least ten PlayStation®Network Trophies. Players are also able to take snapshots and video of their in-game action to upload to YouTube. The bundle for all three games is $15 and the single price for each game is $6.

Gundemonium Recollection features three playable characters and a fourth unlockable character. It has five levels of side scrolling bullet gameplay. Story, Practice and Mission modes allow players to hone their shooting skills.

GundeadliGne features two playable characters and a third unlockable. It has five levels of multi-directional bullet-hell action. There are six Matrix Masters counter attack spells to choose from. It also has a co-op two player mode so you don’t have to shoot alone.

Gundemonium Recollection and GundeadliGne are both side scrolling shooters that almost look and feel like the same game. They both use large images and an anime style that is very appealing and well designed. The destruction effects look great in HD and destruction animations are very sharp. The main differences between these two games is difficulty and the ability to switch your firing direction in GundeadliGne.

Neither game is exactly easy, but GundeadliGne seems to drop more extra lives for you and has one continue for when you run out of lives. Switching between the two games is simple since both games use the same basic control scheme, with the exception of the ‘about face’ maneuver in GundeadliGne.

Hitogota Happa is an entirely different game and is the hardest of the three to have success with. It features seven playable characters, and an eighth unlockable character. It has six stages of top down overhead gameplay. It also includes unlockable hidden missions.  It’s a top down shooter with vertical scrolling and more bullets flying at you then both of the other games combined. Boss battles are next to impossible to complete, but are still fun nonetheless.

The gameplay graphics for Hitogota Happa are entirely different than the other two, but are just as sharp and look just as good in HD. Each playable character is different and each have their own style of play.

The sound track follows the anime path with some techno music that moves along with the gameplay nicely. The sound effects for the weapons have a nice crisp sound and the explosions are nice and loud.

If you are a fan of sh’mups (short for shoot-em-ups) then this collection is for you. All three games can give you hours of fun as well as some challenging gameplay that may test your limits on patience and perseverance (that’s you Hitogota Happa).

PSP Remote Play is available for each title and that adds to the over all value for the games. Remote Play was only tested using a PSP, but with the addition of Remote Play coming to a Sony VAIO laptop near you, the amount of play time you’ll have with this bundle might surprise you.

All three games are fun, exciting, and easy to control. The price tag for all three is reasonable and if you’re a fan of sh’mups, this collection belongs in your library.

Download it and start shooting!