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Panzer Corps Gets Another Update

Some new content and some additional fixes coming on the eve of the Grand Campaign ’41 release. Full details after the jump.

Christmas Comes Early for Strategy Gamers

Slitherine and Matrix Games release Panzer Corps Demo and start heavy holiday season discount event  Full details after the jump.

Panzer Corps Demo Announced for November 22nd

Coming soon to a hard drive near you, a playable demo of this famous WWII strategy game. Full details, plus a teaser trailer, after the jump.

Matrix Games Announces First Panzer Corps DLC Released

Grand Campaign ’39 and Grand Campaign ’40 are now available to enhance your Panzer Corps library. Full details after the jump.

Matrix Games’ Panzer Corps Is Updated

On the eve of the release of the hotly awaited Grand Campaigns a hefty new update is released. Get all the details, plus the download link, after the jump.