Christmas Comes Early for Strategy Gamers

Slitherine and Matrix Games release Panzer Corps Demo and start heavy holiday season discount event

 Full details after the jump.


Slitherine ( and Matrix Games ( are positively merry to announce their 2011 Holiday event!

It all starts with the release of a demo version of its critically acclaimed and award winning strategy game, Panzer Corps. The demo includes 6 missions from the Bootcamp Campaign, plus the invasion of Poland and the first few turns of the Norway scenario. The transition between the first two scenarios of the main campaign allows players to upgrade their army between scenarios and get a feel for how units improve and gain experience as they travel from battle to battle. Also packaged with the demo is a limited version of Panzer Corps’ powerful scenario editor so modders can try their hand at the near limitless possibilities for making new scenarios and campaigns!

Get the demo from these mirrors: Gamer’s Hell, Worth Playing, Atomic Gamer, Patches Scrolls.

The demo release also coincides with some jolly good news for Panzer Corps newcomers: the base game of Panzer Corps is available for 50% off the original price for the first two weeks of the sale. After two weeks Panzer Corps will jump to a still-fantastic 25% and the heavy discount will last until the end of the Christmas season.

This year’s holiday sale also expands to most of the store catalogue becoming one of the largest in company history. There are fantastic savings to be made on some of the most popular titles in the Slitherine/Matrix lineup. The sale will run from midnight EST at November 22nd until midnight January 8th and will include up to a 33% discount of all Slitherine and Matrix Games titles released during 2010 and earlier and even some released this year.

Gary Grigsby’s War in the East will be included among these titles, marking the first time this epic wargaming masterpiece has had any type of discount!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All!


Slitherine Ltd. and Matrix Games Ltd. are the world’s leading video games producers and publishers of historical and strategy titles. Since 2000, both brands have published literally hundreds of games with many award-winning titles in their portfolio spanning all digital and console platforms. Slitherine is also involved with book publishing, and board gaming and work with a wide array of key licensing partners such as HISTORY™, MILITARY HISTORY™, Horrible Histories™, Showtime, BBC, Osprey, Scholastic, Casemate Publishing and many others to deliver the best blend of historical accuracy in an exciting and entertaining way. The two companies merged in May 2010 and formed the world’s largest organization specializing in this niche but important market sector. Slitherine’s mission over the coming years is to lead the way in innovation and growth in this expanding industry sector.