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Mass Effect Trilogy Coming to Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3

  BioWare announced today via their Twitter account that there will be a Mass Effect Trilogy Collection coming November 6th, 2012 for Xbox 360, PC, and later to PlayStation 3.

Mass Effect 3 Shows Off Its People in EA’s Latest Release

EA has released a new screenshot and some awesome art work for Mass Effect 3, and we are impressed. Check it out after the jump.

Mass Effect 3’s Storyline Will Depend On 1,000+ Variables

Want to know just how many different decisions that you made in Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 will determine the storyline and events in Mass Effect 3? How about over 1,000.

Mass Effect 3 Not The End of Mass Effect Universe

Bioware Co-Founder: Mass Effect Universe Will Continue After Trilogy Is Finished