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Latest Update on the PlayStation Network

Sony has yet to set a solid date for the return of the PSN, but they have updated the European Community forum with some new information. Read the details after the jump.

Anonymous Responds to Sony’s Accusations With Their Own Press Release

The group being actively blamed by Sony, and also being investigated by the FBI, has released a press release addressing the allegations. More details after the jump.

Sony Has Personal Data for 2,500 Users Posted Online Removed

Sony’s woes continue as personal data from a 2001 database is posted online. More details after the jump.

European PS Blog Gives a Service Update, But Nothing New

SOE was nice enough to tell their users that they wouldn’t have their servers back online this weekend. Maybe SCEA and SCEE should learn something from their PC counterparts. Instead, we get the same information repeated once again. More details

Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) to Stay Offline All Weekend

Sony Online Entertainment has just announced on their Facebook page that their servers will not be returning this weekend.   Remember that this is not for the PlayStation Network, but only for SOE servers. Stay tuned for more information. For