Anonymous Responds to Sony’s Accusations With Their Own Press Release

The group being actively blamed by Sony, and also being investigated by the FBI, has released a press release addressing the allegations. More details after the jump.

The release starts out as so:

For Immediate Distribution
Press Release
May 7th, 2011
A ‘HiveMind Effort’ from
Anonymous Holdings LLC (Bermuda)

And goes on to dissect several different news sources, and news gathering techniques used that implicates their group.

Yesterday, an article appeared in Financial Times, alleging Anonymous’ involvement in the data and identity theft of some hundred million users of Sony’s Playstation Network and Sony Online Entertainment. This crime is now being investigated by the Homeland Security Agency (HSA), the Department of Justice (DOJ), and other legal entities.

Once again Anonymous has been blamed for a security breach, this time by the  journalist Joseph Menn, in his article “Hackers point finger over Sony incursion” [1].  Here, Anonymous wishes to lay out our case against these allegations and false assumptions:

First, let us consider a different article by Menn published on the Financial Times website and entitled “Hackers Warned of Arrest” [2]. This poor piece of journalism has already been extensively referenced in the Sony matter and is being used by many people who oppose Anonymous as proof of guilt. The only quoted source used by Menn was the now infamous Aaron Barr, former CEO of the humiliated HBGary. Barr made the claim that a chat room called #anonymous, founded by the identity “Q”, was irrefutable proof that this “Q” began the movement known as Anonymous. Confident in his assertion, he attempted to sell this and other pieces of so-called “intelligence” about the nature of Anonymous to the U.S. FBI.

To read the full text of the release, head over to their posting.

Their thought processes are well defined, and seem to make some sense, given the organizational structure of their “group”.

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