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Dragon’s Crown Patched to 1.02 With New Features Added

Dragon’s Crown gets new features and improvements so that your adventures in Hydeland can be even more enjoyable.  

Humble Weekly Sale Features All Serious Sam Games; Pay What You Want and Help Fund Serious Sam 4

Way back in 1993, a group of childhood friends from Croatia started a small, independent game studio aptly named Croteam. What started as a tech demo for their programming and design prowess eventually turned into an indie shooter phenomenon upon

Review – Resistance: Burning Skies

The Resistance series has a history of a great story-lines great gameplay, and great mutliplayer action. With it’s introduction to the PS Vita, it also brings the handheld its first dual analog stick first person shooter. Did developer Nihilistic live

Resistance: Burning Skies Gets a Patch

A new patch has been released. Details after the jump.

Resistance: Burning Skies Trophy List And PS Vita Features Trailer Revealed

Resistance: Burning Skies went Gold last week, and now Sony wants you to prepare yourself for your trophy hunting. Get a look at the trophy list, but a new video detailing quite a few of the new PS Vita festures,