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God Mode Ways to Die Contest in Full Swing


Treasure Design Contest for Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time Now Live

Sanzaru Games, the developer behind the new Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time™ coming exclusively to the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system later this year, have announced a really cool design contest for anyone to join in and the winners get some pretty

REMINDER: ‘Design Many Robots’ Voting for ‘Shoot Many Robots’ Contest Ends Tonight

The online contest dubbed ‘Design Many Robots’ for fans of the upcoming downloadable title, Shoot Many Robots from Demiurge Studios, will come to a close this evening, May 12th at 11:59pm EST.More details after the jump.

‘Design Many Robots’ Finalists Revealed for ‘Shoot Many Robots’ Contest

Vote Now and Send One Lucky Designer to Boston to Watch their Robot Get Shot to Shreds in the Upcoming Title From Demiurge Studios! More details after the jump.

Visceral Launches “Get Dismembered in Dead Space 2” Contest

Visceral Games, developer of Dead Space 2, has let us know that they’re running a competition that offers you the chance to “think up the coolest way for the game’s main character Isaac Clarke to rip apart a necromorph.”