Visceral Launches “Get Dismembered in Dead Space 2” Contest

Visceral Games, developer of Dead Space 2, has let us know that they’re running a competition that offers you the chance to “think up the coolest way for the game’s main character Isaac Clarke to rip apart a necromorph.”

Yes, if your twisted mind came come up the most gratuitous way to tear Dead Space 2’s space terrors limb from weird-mandible-thing then your could see that move in-game. And yet, that isn’t even the best part: “[the winner’s] face and body will be programmed into the game to be torn apart by a necromorph”.

You could see yourself die in the game! Rended asunder onscreen! Excoriated virtually!

To enter, come up the most creative way for Isaac to “rip apart” a necromorph and submit it via video, text or audio on the ‘Contest’ tab of the Dead Space 2 Facebook page. We’re intrigued by the option to submit via audio. Are they expecting audio acting out the dismemberment (“Aaaaaaarreeeeeegggghhhhhh… [splash!]”) or just noting down what happens, in some sort of creepy voice memo? Either’s good, we guess.

We notice that images are missing from that list of ways to enter, so we suggest making a video slideshow in Movie Maker/iMovie if you want to submit a storyboard-type idea.

The following video from the devs (featuring bonus giant Isaac Clarke statue) explains the giveaway further. The competition opens today and closes on March 26th. Ten finalists will be announced on April 5th, and there will be a public vote until April 19th. The winner will be announced on the 20th (the nine runners up get their names in game. No word on if they’ll be dead or not. Our guess is ‘Yes, they will be dead’). The competition website is here: