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Turtle Beach Announces New Gaming Products at CES 2012

  Industry Leader Presents Newest Video Game Headset and Accessory Lineup at CES 2012, plus a Special Surprise Announcement January 10 on SpikeTV Full details, with product images, after the jump.

Zyxio Reveals New “Waft Sensing” Technology

Company Promises Ability to Move Characters On Screen By Blowing Into Microphone January 11, 2010 – This weekend at the Consumer Electronics Show a little known company named Zyxio exhibited their new “waft sensing” product, aptly named SensaWaft. The small

Porn Star Blames Video Games for Negative Influences on Society

Ron Jeremy Says Video Games, Not Porn Are Negative Influence January 9, 2010 – Everybody knows about the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this weekend, but there’s another convention in town as well, and the two don’t get along