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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Demo Download 3.5 Million Times

Today EA announced that the demo of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has been downloaded 3.5 million times. That’s a whole lot of online gaming. Last week, EA announced that the demo was on pace to become the fastest downloaded EA

EA’s “Project Ten Dollar” To Be Part of Battlefield: Bad Company 2’s Launch

EA’s “Project Ten Dollar,” which is the company’s attempt to dissuade used game purchases by including free access to DLC content for new game buyers, is being extended to Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The most prominent example of “Project Ten

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Single Player Trailer

Bad Company 2’s Single Player Campaign Spans the America’s; Promises To Be More Mature

DICE Explains Bad Company 2 Server Rental Details

Bad Company 2 Dedicated Servers Not Exactly Free

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Multiplayer Trailer Unveiled

Bad Company 2 Squad Deathmatch Trailer Highlights New Multiplayer Mode