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Switzerland Moves to Crack Down on Violent Games While Australia May See Loosening of Restrictions

This weekend some gamers received truly awful news while others saw the hope for long-awaited change.

Michael Atkinson Says Gamers More Frightening Than Biker Gangs

Michael Atkinson, South Australia’s Attorney General said on ABC that he feels more threatened by gamers than by motorcycle gangs that he has been legally pursuing in his role. “I feel that my family and I are more at risk

Get ‘Train Conductor’ For Half Price Through January 26

Excellent Traffic Management Game for iPhone Only $0.99 January 12, 2010 – In celebration of Australia Day, iPhone game developer The Voxel Agents is slashing the price of their new title, Train Conductor, by fifty percent. The game has received

Australia Overturns Aliens vs Predator Ban

Aliens vs Predator to be released in Australia after Classification Board overturns previous refused classification ruling

An Interview With David Doe, Founder of the Political Party Gamers4Croydon

Our interview with David Doe, Founder of the Political Group, Gamers4Croydon, which was formed to counter Michael Atkinson, South Australia's Attorney-General who is opposed to a "Mature" game rating