Michael Atkinson Says Gamers More Frightening Than Biker Gangs

Michael Atkinson, South Australia’s Attorney General said on ABC that he feels more threatened by gamers than by motorcycle gangs that he has been legally pursuing in his role.

“I feel that my family and I are more at risk from gamers than we are from the outlaw motorcycle gangs who also hate me and are running a candidate against me. The outlaw motorcycle gangs haven’t been hanging around my doorstop at 2 A.M. A gamer has.”

Atkinson has come under fire from the gaming community over the past several months for refusing to support an R18+ rating for video games [Australia has the same rating for movies – equivalent to an R rating in the United States], stating that the lack of an R18+ rating “restricts adult liberty to a small degree,” but that, “it was worth it to protect children from violent games.”

His decision to take a stand against the R18+ rating has prevented the rating from being implemented in Australia. The implementation of the new rating would require each Attorney General in Australia to back a change. He has seen opposition arise, though, in the form of Gamers4Croydon, a political party aimed at unseating him in local elections later this year. There has also been a vocal campaign, “Grow Up Australia,” which is designed to engage gamers in the political process. It has been supported by EB Games. However, Atkinson responded to the “Grow Up Australia” campaign by claiming that the movement is like saying, “Give us more cruel sex and extreme violence!”

Mr. Atkinson may take a stance against violent games but we’re sure he took in 300 when it was released in theaters.

Geoff Calver

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