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Major League Gaming Delivers Largest Season in E-Sports History

 Record Breaking Online Viewership Places MLG Pro Circuit Viewing Ahead of Traditional Cable Networks Like Comedy Central, MTV, TBS, FX and More Amongst Males 18-24  

Major League Gaming Crowns 2011 National Champions

Winners Take Home More Than $600,000 at 2011 Major League Gaming Pro Circuit National Championships Champions Include Lee Dong Nyung -FXOLeenock (StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty),  Team Instinct (Halo: Reach), Team Quantic Next Threat (Call of Duty: Black Ops) and

Record Breaking Online Viewers Watch Major League Gaming Raleigh Pro Circuit Video Game Competition

  MLG Partner Streamworks Delivers Uninterrupted Streaming Despite Hurricane Irene, Severe Weather and Power Issues Across the Eastern US. More details after the jump.

Thousands of Gamers and Fans Heading to Raleigh for Major League Gaming Pro Circuit Competition

More Than $120,000 in Prizes and Player Stipends Up for Grabs at MLG Pro Circuit at the Raleigh Convention Center August 26-2. More details after the jump.

$120K Plus in Prizes and Awards Up for Grabs at Anaheim’s MLG Pro Circuit Event

Thousands of Video Game Players and Fans from Around the World to Descend Upon Southern California for Major League Gaming Pro Circuit Competition. More details after the jump.