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The Stanley Cup Playoffs Are Here…Are You Watching?

Those who knew me well know that I love hockey. I play hockey all-year round. Yes, even in the summer I find a rink to play in and join summer leagues. I am passionate about my sport and I suppose

Every Old Game Ever To Be Redeveloped As An FPS

Following the exciting news that X-COM and possibly Silent Hill are to be ‘re-imagined’ as first-person shooters, the gaming industry announced today that every game ever will be remade as an FPS. Speaking exclusively to Terminal Gamer, EA’s Head of

Do You Care Where Your Games Come From?

I’m sure you’ve been following the unfolding events at Infinity Ward with the same horrified fascination as the rest of us. Last month it was revealed that studio heads Vince Zampella and Jason West were forced to leave IW following

Five Open World Games Everyone Should Play

Open world games are awesome. Honestly, experiencing the sheer scope of Morrowind for the first time was just, well, mindblowing. Emerging from a dark, dank hold on a slowly shifting ship to see the undulating waters of the ocean and

Should the Gaming Industry Pursue a Public Relations Campaign?

I get easily frustrated when I hear about a video game’s violent or sexual content on the news.