The Stanley Cup Playoffs Are Here…Are You Watching?

Those who knew me well know that I love hockey. I play hockey all-year round. Yes, even in the summer I find a rink to play in and join summer leagues. I am passionate about my sport and I suppose it’s the Canadian blood in me. After all, my grandfather was drafted by the Maple Leafs (before losing his legs in World War II on a bombing run over Germany), my other grandfather played when growing up in Montreal and my dad won the city championship in Montreal and went on to play at Ithaca.

This has nothing to do with video games but everything to do with passion. I’m passionate about games and I’m passionate about hockey and because I’m passionate about both I try to recruit people to be interested in both. I engage people in discussions about gaming if they don’t seem to understand my fervor, and I talk endlessly about the glorious Montreal Canadiens every chance I get.

With that said, the NHL playoffs are on now, the Stanley Cup playoffs, the fight for Lord Stanley’s Cup, and everyone should be watching. Are you watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs? Please tell me you are. You should be. Just look at the two videos after the break and tell me you don’t want to watch this sport.

I’m wearing my Habs jersey for tonight’s big game 1 against the Penguins. What jerseys are you wearing?