Setting Sheets in Gran Turismo 7 – Definite Time Saver

Gran Turismo 7 has been unleashed on the gaming world, and we have some tips on how to save yourself some time down the road, and we have some tips to make some quick in-game cash as well.



Gran Turismo 7 is a game that a lot of folks have been waiting for, and developer Polyphony Digital did not disappoint. The graphics are lifelike, and the racing physics are phenomenal. There are already over 400 cars to win or purchase, and a bunch of races just waiting to be won. The game uses a Performance Points (PP) rating for each vehicle that determines if that vehicle can enter into certain races. There is an upgrade system in the Tuning Shop that will push that PP higher then what you first received the car as, but there’s also ways to turn down the power in order to meet certain criteria.

You may also make your vehicle too light, and you can grab a ballast to not only add overall weight to your car, but you can also position it to shift the weight where you want it, front to rear. Getting your current ride to that sweet spot of horsepower to performance may take some tinkering in your car’s settings, so in order to save yourself some time in the future, be sure to create separate Settings Sheets for each PP level.

Gran Turismo 7 – Setting Sheets video

Here’s a video to help walk you through adjusting a car, and creating a new Settings Sheet.

There are an unlimited number of sheets available for each car, so there’s no need to keep adjusting a car if you know what each race is asking for.

Gran Turismo 7 – Quick and Fairly Easy Credits

For those that are struggling to earn enough credits to purchase and upgrade more and more vehicles, there are a couple of races that almost guarantee you around $97,500 for either four minutes of your time, or six and half minutes. You’ll need to progress far enough along in your Collector Level to unlock them, but once you do you can start earning quite a bit of dough.

If you can handle yourself on a dirt track, the fastest method is a one lap Dirt Champions race at Fisherman’s Ranch in America. It requires an upgraded rally car like the Ford Focus Gr.B or Audi Sport Quattro Pikes Peak car, but if you can control it well enough to win clean, you’ll be clocking in under four minutes for that $97.5k.

For a regular road race, you head to Asia and the High Speed Ring for a Gr.4 race that takes just a little longer, but you’ll use a much easier to control car. The GTcup Gr.4 race is a pretty easy race to win clean, as long as you know your racing lines and adjust your car to max power at 630PP.

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