Far Cry 6 Review – Righteous Revolución

The much anticipated release of Far Cry 6 is almost here, but we’ve already been fighting the revolución in the Caribbean islands of Yara for over a week. Should you join the fight, or should this one just be left under a fascist regime?

Read on to find out

The Far Cry series has been around a long time and was first introduced back in 2004. It was originally built around a tech demo for the original Crytek CryEngine gaming engine. The game has come a long ways since Jack Carver and the dinosaurs on that island in Micronesia, even going back to the dawns of time in Far Cry Primal and to the wilds of Montana in Far Cry 5, and then taking that story arch into an apocalyptic future with Far Cry: New Dawn. With Far Cry 6, we head to the Caribbean Islands of Yara for an all new adventure that doesn’t require any previous experience with the series in order to jump right in and know what’s going on.


Far Cry 6 Review – El Presidente Antón Castillo and Son

Far Cry 6 takes place in the fictional islands of Yara. A Caribbean nation under the iron fist rule of El Presidente Antón Castillo (played by Giancarlo Esposito), whose family was removed from power during a revolution in ’67. After regaining power, there has been a blockade and embargo for all new items since, so the area is almost frozen in time when it comes to vehicles and electronics. Yara government scientists, though have been hard at work and have found a cure for cancer, that is created by genetically modifying tobacco plants. These plants are sprayed with a chemical and then allowed to grow, and eventually harvested by local workers. Castillo needed workers, so he has enslaved countless citizens to work in the fields, with no chemical protections against the genetic altering spray, and the chemical causes debilitating diseases and long term health effects. Castillo is a dictator who cares not for his people, but only for the country’s bottom line, and therefore the ends justifies the means. When ever Castillo poses a question, he allows the person to choose the answer: Truth or Lie.

While ruling his country, Castillo is also trying to raise a son to follow in his footsteps. His son Diego (played by Anthony Gonzalez) doesn’t like the way his father rules, but Castillo continues to try to teach him that his way is the only way for their country to prosper, and anything less would be weakness. It’s a father-son relationship that has created countless billable hours for therapists for years, and Ubisoft has it played out perfectly. The voice acting by Esposito and Gonzalez are spot on and flawless, and makes the characters seem even more real. Esposito had very little experience with voice acting, but you couldn’t tell that from the game. He brought his character to life just as he did in the Breaking Bad franchise and The Mandlorian. Gonzalez also did exceptional as Diego, but he played the main character in the animated movie Coco, so he did have some previous experience. The story is full of twists and turns, with ‘good guys’ not always being all that good, and ‘bad guys’ not always being all that bad. The duality of good and evil in people is very present throughout the game. Diversity is also present, as you’ll find characters from every walk of life.

Far Cry 6 Review – Yara

As Far Cry 6 opens, you’ll eventually get to your playable character after cut scenes play out. You’ll play as Dany Rojas and the gender is up to you. Dany is a former Yara soldier that was kicked out of the army for smacking a drill sergeant in the mouth. He obviously has a problem with authority, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he joins the revolution. Yara is a huge island nation and you’ll start out on a small island with limited weapons and gear. Progressing through the story will slowly unlock more gear, better weapons, and eventually get you off of this small island and on to bigger and better things in other areas. Oddly, though, you can’t pick up weapons from corpses, but you can pick up ammo and Yaran pesos, and the pesos can be used to purchase weapons.

The game map is massive and is divided into seven major regions and sixteen sub regions, each sub region with its own level of difficulty. Dany will slowly rank up and each region’s difficulty is based on that rank. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be able to cake walk through a level by reaching a higher rank, though, because some sub regions will rank up as you do. This does a great job of keeping the game at a challenging level, even as you climb the ranks. Each sub region has hideouts that can used as fast travel points, but you’ll need to either stumble across them or buy maps from in-game vendors that can reveal them to you. Some sub regions will also have a guerilla camp, which can be upgraded using supplies that you’ll find all over Yara. Gasoline, medicine, metal scraps, and more are needed in order to upgrade your camps and upgrade your weapons, gear, and vehicles, so if you see something shimmering, you may want to salvage it.

Far Cry 6 Review – The Gameplay

The gameplay for Far Cry 6 is as diverse as the cast of characters in the game. It is foremost a first person shooter, and fully playable in online co-op, but it’s also an adventure RPG with elements of stealth fighting, vehicle racing, vehicle combat, playing dominoes, fishing, hunting, cooking, and something we have never seen in a video game before: cockfighting (more on this later). There are bases to capture, checkpoints to assault and take control of, and were not even sure how many side missions there are to take on. These are called Yaran Stories and each sub region will have more than a handful to find and complete. For completionists out there, this is looking like a lengthy game to finish to 100%. For capturing bases, you can choose to sneak in stealthily and disable the alarms, taking out all of the bad guys with silenced weapons, or you can go in guns blazing. Bear in mind that if you go in guns blazing, you’ll be raising your overall heat meter, which if it gets to max, will bring out the Elite Yaran Special Forces.

One of the collectibles in the game are roosters (13 of them in-game and 6 free from Ubisoft Connect), which are found in wooden crates usually sitting out in the open somewhere. These roosters aren’t just for looks or to be eaten, as they have their very own arena that has been prepared for their battle. The cockfight plays out like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat match, as you take your rooster and battle out, head to head, against another opponent. Dodging and timing your attacks, and whether to use a close range attack or long range attack, determines your effectiveness against your opponent. Each fight is a best of three, and while the folks over at PETA may not be fond of this mode, we loved it. Once you’ve built up your super attack, your rooster will go crazy on its opponent, and the feathers will fly.


Far Cry 6 Review – Clothes and Weapons Make the Guerilla

Your in-game attire is more than just for show. You have five clothes slots (Head, Chest, Wrist, Leg, and Foot), and each piece will have its own unique perks. You’ll start out with basic stuff but you’ll find and earn more and more. Most of the clothes have sets but there is no set bonus that we’ve found. We have been using the Resolver Scavenger set which helps us find more scavenger material (chest gear), repairs vehicles while you drive them (leg gear), automatically grabs ammo and pesos off of dead army guys from a farther distance (wrist gear), and can automatically gather resources while you are driving a vehicle (foot gear). The head gear for that set tags containers through walls, but we decided to use a different piece from Ida’s Sigil set that highlights enemies and animals at night. The more gear you find, the more perks you’ll have available to you. We were really surprised that there weren’t any set bonuses, but that is advantageous because mixing and matching for a specific task will come in handy.

The weapons for Far Cry 6 come in two flavors: Standard and Unique. Unique weapons are usually pretty powerful but can’t be modified. Standard weapons can be taken to a work bench (these things are everywhere in Yara) and modified to your liking. You can swap out the ammo, add a silencer, muzzle breaks, optics, and even add a little flair by finding and adding charms. While Yara might have to drive old cars and use outdated equipment, the guns are fully modern and have apparently bypassed that embargo. The game also has a built in transmog system that will allow you to make weapons of the same type look like other weapons. If you like the way a unique weapon looks, but found that a modified version works better, you can make it look like the unique weapon but still have all the mods applied. Your clothes can also be transmogged so if you prefer the way one set looks, but like the perks of another, you can change it up to your liking.

Far Cry 6 Review- Yara is Alive

Everywhere you look in Yara you’ll find people or animals, or both. In the bottom left corner of your heads up display (HUD) is a mini-map showing your immediate surroundings. Always keep an eye on this little circle as black exclamation points will pop up whenever there is an NPC with something for you to do. You’ll be able to find countless Yaran Stories this way, as well as treasure hunts, check points, army bases, and if you like to fly, enemy anti-aircraft guns that will you keep you from doing so. These folks will point out on your map where the target is located and it will be on your main map permanently (or until you take it out).

Some of the Yaran stories will unlock Los Bandidos Leaders who can be used in Los Bandidos Operations. This is a system that can earn you pesos, weapons, or materials depending on the task you choose. This is a hands-off system where you select a leader and choose which mission to send them off on. Leaders have certain skills which can be paired up with missions that will help them achieve success. Missions can be time consuming for them, so once you’ve unlocked the system, you should always try to keep those guys as busy as possible. Defacing billboards, posters, and rescuing hostages will help you to gather recruits for the leaders to use.


Far Cry 6 Review – Man’s Best Friends

Returning from Far Cry 5 is the Fangs for Hire buddy animal system. There are 7 Amigos to unlock, each with their own abilities. You’ll start out with Guapo, a mean alligator that can self revive when down in combat. Be sure to pet him as he’s really just a big friendly lizard with sharp teeth. Each of the seven Amigos have unlockable perks that will require a certain number of tasks to unlock. Once unlocked, though, these guys become even more effective.

Far Cry 6 is first and foremost a story driven adventure game, so the story needed to be top notch in order to keep the player engrossed in it. Developer Ubisoft Montreal exceeded our expectations in not just the Hollywood quality story, but in every aspect of the game, from the impressive voice actors, to the flawless 4K graphics, the original music, the weapons, the animals, and the overall map of Yara.

We could say the story is worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster movie, but honestly, with the length of the game and the countless Yara Stories, it should be more of an epic mini-series.



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