ROCKFISH Games Releases EVERSPACE 2 Closed Beta to Kickstarter Backers

ROCKFISH Games has just released the EVERSPACE 2 closed beta to Kickstarter backers and it includes a TON of improvements over the already awesome Alpha.




They have just updated the official EVERSPACE 2 pre-release build on Steam. Alpha backers can simply fire up Steam to receive their update. Beta backers (Early Adopter Edition reward tier and higher) will find their brand new Steam keys in their email inboxes.

Unfortunately, the new animated main menu background did not make it into the stable Beta build on Steam. We wanted to give an early look at this improvement with you here because it adds a sense of the deep exploration that all of you can look forward to when EVERSPACE 2 launches with the additional “Union System” and even more new stuff in Early Access this December.

So, what has changed since the previous production update, you might wonder? Well, apart from new content in the Ceto system that we want you to discover for yourselves, they made further UI/UX improvements based on the much-appreciated feedback from Alpha backers. they implemented cockpit view featuring fully functional instruments, improved the visual quality of several environmental assets and the overall performance of the build, and, of course, fixed a ton of bugs. More side missions, job variations and enemy types, points of interest, and puzzles have been added as well. Last but not least, Gero, their Sound Director, has been tweaking and adding sound effects and in-game music tracks. Basically, the Beta is a heavily revamped Alpha with a few content additions as well as more and better LOOT!

Pre-Release Key Giveaways

Now, anyone who feels bummed out because of not having access to the closed Beta, there are still a few days left to participate in a massive giveaway contest at the PC Gamer Forums with 5 (five) chances to win an EVERSPACE 2 pre-release Steam key; one of which will come with a slick Alienware gaming PC – yup, no joke!

You can win THIS just head over to their dear friends at PC Gamer before the contest ends in a few DAYS!

Narrative Deep Dive

If you haven’t already checked it out, theirCreative Director Uwe Wütherich, dropped a deep dive into EVERSPACE lore on The PC Gamer forums with a few tidbits about companions and the story of EVERSPACE 2. Give it a read!

Make sure to join today’s official Beta reveal stream on Twitch and YouTube, from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm CEST / 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm EDT / 11:00 am to 1:00 pm PDT, where Erik will walk you through the overhauled story campaign in Ceto and give away 3 (three) more pre-release keys of EVERSPACE 2.

List of the latest changes

  • Added functional instruments and working displays in cockpit view
  • Added Outlaw Detonator Drone and Outlaw Ravager to spawn tables
  • Added Elite enemy type
  • Added more points of interest
  • Added more puzzles
  • Added more events and objectives at locations
  • Added one more side mission
  • Added visible lateral thrusters on player ships
  • Added more loot
  • Added option to track resources needed for perks
  • Added option to track challenges
  • Improved player ship models (body)
  • Improved story campaign missions 01 – 07
  • Improved 1st boss fight
  • Improved story dialogue
  • Improved overall lighting
  • Improved and additional environmental 3D assets
  • Improved Home Base location
  • Improved item management
  • Improved and additional ship devices
  • Improved balancing
  • Improved in-game menu
  • Players can now store two additional ships at their home base
  • Device modes can now be unlocked individually rather than consecutive
  • HUD tweaks and improvements
  • Additional Graphics Settings (FOV slider, Gamma, V-SYNC, Motion Blur, Chromatic Aberration, SSGI, Damage Numbers, HUD Elements)
  • Game can now be played in fullscreen mode (fixed bug that would crash the game when Alt-Tabbing)
  • Fixed occasional crash when loading save games / checkpoints
  • Various smaller tweaks and bugfixes

About ROCKFISH Games GmbH

Based in Hamburg, Germany, ROCKFISH Games is an independent game studio specializing in high-quality Unreal Engine 4 action video games for PC and consoles. Industry veterans Michael Schade and Christian Lohr founded ROCKFISH Games to create new adventures for space shooter fans through their acclaimed EVERSPACEIP. After spending over 25 years as joint entrepreneurs in the 3D graphics space, Schade and Lohr have built the ROCKFISH Games team alongside experienced developers from across the industry.

Using Kickstarter as a platform to build a new community in 2015, ROCKFISH Games reached a runaway success with EVERSPACE™, which has sold over 1.5 million copies on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation since release. Building on these successes, ROCKFISH Games is dedicated to crafting fast-paced, open-world experiences driven by quality storytelling to delight space action fans in their upcoming title, EVERSPACE 2.