Budget Cuts Hits PS VR Digitally and Retail Today

The anticipated action-stealth game is now available digitally and in stores, heading to European retail on Oct. 23


From Swedish developer Neat Corporation and published for retail by Perp Games, Budget Cuts makes its debut on PlayStation®VR today. Gamers are challenged with saving their jobs and their lives in this unique virtual experience that delivers a combination of tension, action and laughs. The action-adventure stealth game is available digitally worldwide and in North American retail, coming to European stores on Oct. 23. Budget Cuts can be found at all major retailers including Best Buy, GameStop and Target.

In Budget Cuts, players work for mega conglomerate TransCorp. The company has brought in cost-cutting, evil efficiency robots putting everyone’s jobs in danger. As the latest co-worker is dragged off to the terrifying HR department, the player’s only chance to survive is to quickly and silently sneak through the office, defending themselves from supervisors and armed security guards.

The Budget Cuts PS VR experience features:

• A Brand-New Level – The game’s launch on PS VR brings the introduction of the previously unreleased Panopticon level. This addition to the game is inspired by ideas and suggestions from Budget Cuts’ passionate community, bringing new challenges and surroundings.

• Room Scale VR – Players will dodge, duck, hide and crawl their way through the office environment in complete immersion.

• Portal Teleportation – Equipped with a translocator gun, players are able to teleport around the office. When activated, the translocator shoots a projectile giving the player a 360-degree view of where the projectile lands. The player can then teleport to the new location if the coast is clear.

• Stealth or Stab Moments – In order to survive and escape, players must sneak around corners, hide behind air vents or power their way through in exhilarating, oil-splatter filled combat.

• Arcade Mode – Accessed through a fully modeled and intractable arcade machine, a ton of new levels and a competitive game mode are available for added fun.

Budget Cuts is available now for PlayStation VR for $29.99 USD at major retailers including Best Buy, GameStop and Target. The game is rated T for Teen (Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood) by the ESRB.

About Perp Games

Perp Games is a global video games publisher, with a proud track record of publishing award-winning titles, exciting indie games and some of the world’s most recognized franchises, from the most talented studios. Perp Games is an established and recognised global force in entertainment, bringing extraordinary and exciting games to market, across multiple formats and media.

About Neat Corporation

Neat Corporation is a game development studio located in Södermalm, Stockholm, consisting of ten multi-faceted employees with experience from both large and small productions, who have created Budget Cuts and Garden of the Sea. Budget Cuts was their debut virtual reality title released in 2018, but has been demoed since 2016 and been a modern classic since then. Neat Corporation has a background in creating both games and tools for game development, and is working actively with a range of organizations to improve working conditions in the games industry, such as FutureGames, GameDev Force, Women in Games and the Association of Swedish Game Developers.