MLB The Show 20 Challenge of the Week #5

A new challenge of the week has dropped, and even though baseball is still in limbo, MLB The Show 20 marches on with week 5.


The Match-up

The newest Challenge of the Week for MLB The Show 20 is a match-up between two different division players. On the mound is the 2018 National League All Star, and Philadelphia Phillies hurler, Aaron Nola. Now batting is the 2018 National League MVP, and starting left fielder for the Milwaukee Brewers, Christian Yelich.


Yelich is a prolific power hitter but even more so against right handed pitches. Sorry Nola, but you’ll probably get knocked around in this match-up. Playing as Yelich, be sure to try for these bonuses while you’re mashing away. They all seem easily doable with this guys power and contact.

The challenges are being refreshed every couple of weeks right now, but usually we get a new one every week. Once the real baseball season starts they’ll probably return to doing just that.

Good luck and get to mashing!