Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Closed Beta Impressions – Running With Faith


We spent the weekend playing the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Closed Beta and hung out with faith in the City of Glass.

We originally were introduced to Faith and her awesome parkour skills back in 2008 with the release of the original Mirror’s Edge. We quickly dell in love with the fast paced and smooth running action of the game, which gave us the choice of combat or flee, along with a linear course to run through. The original game was like no other at the time and we found ourselves running through levels repeatedly trying to beat our best times. Fast forward to this weekend, and we were lucky enough to snag a download code for the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Closed Beta.

Mirror's Edge™ Catalyst Closed Beta_20160422120305

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst isn’t a sequel or a prequel but rather a reboot to the series, even though it didn’t really need one. We aren’t trying to do a full review of the game right now, so we will hold off on discussing the story aspects of the game and just stick to the game play, which is more than enough to keep us interested in this upcoming title. Instead of sticking to a linear course, developer Dice is giving us an open world to run through, and that is a definite plus. The city of Glass is huge so getting from point A to point B can become a journey in itself. Luckily there’s a map that we can put a destination point on.

Mirror's Edge™ Catalyst Closed Beta_20160422140824

Once you have a destination, you are guided with a red streak to help you get to point B. This streak is completely optional though, so always look for a better route. The key to achieving the best times will always be finding the most efficient route, and that isn’t always a straight line. Faith runs best when she’s at full speed and keeping her momentum up unlocks abilities that makes her much more effective at eluding security guards.

The game has a bit of an RPG feel to it this time with a new menu for unlocking and upgrading several different aspects of Faith. We’ll save an in depth look at these features for our full review, but we will give you a sneak peak at her upgrade menu below.

Mirror's Edge™ Catalyst Closed Beta_20160422155208

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst returns us to the game play we fell in love with back in 2008 and we can’t wait to take on the full game in June, eluding and/or taking out guards along our path. Going up against a leaderboard of times that our friends put up will add a complete second layer to the game that will have us running through events again and again.

Check out some screenshots below and if you haven’t pre-ordered this game yet, why NOT?!