MLB 15: The Show Starts the All Star Celebration Early with New Player Packs

MLB® 15 The Show™_20150331113151

The MLB All Star game is in a few days and MLB 15: The Show wants you to get your game on with some new All Star Packs.

Each pack has at least one guaranteed Gold player fopr your Diamond Dynasty team, and if you get the Ultimate Pack then you’re guaranteed a Diamond card. details below.

15_PackAllStarsAL 15_PackAllStarsNL

The American League and National League packs have three player cards with a guaranteed Gold or higher player and better than a twenty five times chance of scoring a Diamond card. Both packs are 15,000 Stubs.


This All Star pack is a three player pack with at least two Gold cards and better than a hundred times chance at a Diamond. This pack goes for 35,000 Stubs

15_PackAllStarsUltimateIf you have a boatload of Stubs lying around, and want a guaranteed Diamond card, for 50,000 Stubs you can grab the Ultimate All Star Pack and get one guaranteed Diamond and one guaranteed Gold. This pack could end up paying for itself if you already have the players you draw.

It’s never too late to get your own copy of the game and the 15th Anniversary Edition is still available to order.