The Red Solstice Review – Click and Blast Fun


The Red Solstice had been in early access on Steam for a year but has now released upon the masses. Is it ready for prime time or should it be lost in space? Read our review to find out.

The Back Story

The story takes place on Mars, 117 years after the colonists there separated from Earth (or AE for After Earth.) The name of the game refers to a massive storm that affects the entire planet and takes out the communications of the main colony, Tharsis.

The single-player campaign of the game will cover the adventures of Tyler Hunt as he investigates the problem and tries to stop a deadly outbreak that affects the entire city.

The protagonist is part of a so-called Lost Generation, which has genetic enhancements and can succeed at whatever they set their minds on, and the character created by Ironward is a superb soldier, who will need all his skills to deal with the monsters that challenge him.

When I first booted the game up, I jumped into survival mode. Before the game starts, you get a brief history of why you are being dropped in the middle of nowhere and what the mission is. Since it is not single player mode, there is no real tutorial but there is a “how to play” section on the start menu that is very detailed, but without learning while playing it can be a lot of information all at once. It would definitely be in your best interest to start out on the story mode to better familiarize yourself with the controls and the game.


The game is pretty basic, but there are certain aspects you have to learn along the way that are not really explained to you. As frustrating as it was, I am sure all of these things will be explained to you in the actual story mode.

After booting up survival mode, I completed one of the main quests and died within about 12 minutes. The monsters come in waves and become increasingly more difficult. As you play, you earn experience, which unlocks different suits. This makes the game easier, but the randomized maps can keep you on your toes and The Red Solstice finds way to put you in the ground.

Single Player

Currently has 10 missions. You have one character (Tyler Hunt) but you bring squad mates with you to help you succeed. Prior to the start of each mission, you’ll have the option to upgrade your team mates in a variety of areas such as armor, health and weapon ability. Skill points can be spread out evenly or you could opt to make some mates tougher while others are more effective in battle.



Completely Random environment. Bad guys keep coming. Tactical mode allows you to slow down the fight and give your AI partners commands.


8 players. You work together and survive for up to an hour.


The graphics are pretty good for an overhead or isometric perspective. The sound and music are appropriate for what is happening on screen without being too overwhelming. The interface is very good when you learn how to use it.

2015-07-02_00003Overall, this game has a lot of pros and very little cons. I would consider it a good purchase as long as the developers continue to add more content. The only reasons I wouldn’t give this game a 9 or 10 is because the randomness of the game can make it extremely difficult.