TerminalGamer’s 10 Must-Have iOS Gaming Apps


Avid gamers are always looking for fun new experiences. While the major consoles tend to grab most of the headlines, electronic app gaming for mobile devices has come a long way. In fact, there are numerous games that can keep you busily entertained for hours and hours, if not days! So without further ado, here are the 10 must-have gaming apps available right now in the iOS app store.


1. Ridiculous Fishing

Listed by US Gamer as one of the 15 best iOS games of 2013, Ridiculous Fishing is one of the most talked-about app games out there. It’s an absurd arcade game with blocky, unique graphics, and your task is merely to drop your fishing line as deep into the ocean as you can before dragging it up, snagging fish, and then shooting them as you toss them into the air. It’s incredible addictive. Download here.


2. Impossible Road

Guiding a sphere down a path might not sound like a great time, but this particular game from Kevin Ng makes it a captivating experience. You’ll be determined to do better each time. Download here.


3. The Room Two

If you haven’t played it yet, check out The Room first, and then enjoy the sequel. These games are creepy, otherworldly experiences, built on ingenious puzzles and beautiful graphics. Your job is to solve puzzles and riddles to delve deeper into mysterious “rooms” and pursue a friend who’s left behind cryptic clues. Download here.


4. Real Racing 3

There have been a number of racing efforts on iOS apps, and none have really captured our imagination until Real Racing 3, which feels and looks almost like a console racing game. Download here.


5. Ninja Village

Written up by The Guardian as one of January’s best new apps, Ninja Village is a fun game for anyone who enjoys strategy games. As you build up your ninja village, you’ll also need to consistently improve your ninja clan to withstand battles. Download here.


6. Robot Unicorn Attack 2

Robot Unicorn Attack has become one of the more popular Internet games in recent memory, and the app actually managed to capture the same goofy, addictive magic. Blast your way through the dreamy landscape all over again with the sequel app, which is every bit as fun. Download here.


7. NightSky

Called a top 25 gaming app by Mac Life, NightSky is for the physics and puzzle lovers out there. Essentially, it’s a sort of maze, and your job is to direct a small black sphere through a series of what ultimately amount to obstacle courses, with increasing difficulty of course. Download here.


8. Temple Run

It’s been around for a while now, but Temple Run remains maddeningly addictive and was featured just this month in an article on must-have apps by Verizon. Run through the jungle dodging obstacles, collecting coins and leaping gaps until you mess up, and then do it again, and again, to top your score. Download here.


9. Score! World Goals

This is truthfully just one of many soccer-oriented games in which your job is to direct a ball by swishing your finger along the screen, aiming for a goal. What makes Score! World Goals unique is that 2014 is a World Cup year, and this game brings you the chance to recreate goals that have actually happened in past World Cups and international competitions. Download here.


10. Year Walk

Like The Room, this game can be a creepy experience, and is based on a very strange Swedish myth/custom that involved walking through the woods at night to reach the nearest church, following 24 hours of meditation. The game, developed by Simogo, captures this concept with an atmosphere that’s nothing short of weird, but also oddly entertaining. Download here. There are ultimately so many gaming options that your head can spin looking through them all. But if you’re looking for a few that will genuinely entertain you, and stay fun for more than just an hour or so, these are picks to consider.