Trick or Treat With Reverb’s Halloween Stories and Steam Sales


Now that All Saints Day is upon us, most folks will look around frantically for some clever story to post about zombies taking over the world or a spooky game to play with their kids.  Reverb has three games offering superb Halloween Steam sales, special Halloween gameplay updates, or both!


Guncraft Pits Zombies Against Humans in Paranoia Mode; Steam Sale for 50% Off

  • Combining the voxel visual-style and colossal creation aspects of Minecraft with the fast-paced addictive FPS action of games such as Call of Duty, Guncraft has garnered a strong and creative community that continues to grow. For Halloween, the Guncraft dev team has included a new zombie vs. humans feature called “Paranoia Mode” and the game is on sale for Halloween week at 50% off on Steam:

Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse Pulls Off aHalloween Stunt, Goes on Sale for 50% Off

  • 2 Dawn Games has updated its apocalyptic, vehicular online shooter with frightening new pumpkin-headed zombies, a new zombie map called Rooftop Nights, and a giant, hollowed out, lit-up, pumpkin jump. Find the Halloween sale on Steam ( for 50% off the MSRP.

Learn to Spell, Haunt Evil Letters with Alphaman

  • Celebrate Halloween with the spooktacular educational App, Alphaman. An arcade-style, educational puzzle game that promotes and encourages learning with letter recognition and spelling activities. Alphaman enables players to have fun with words while taking on the role of a shadowy-cloaked Alphaman along with spooky Halloween-inspired music and frightful screens. New updates include easy, medium, or hard difficulty levels and children or adult dictionary options, making Alphaman fun for the whole family. Visit the app store HERE to download the game for $0.99.