The PlayStation 4: You Got Questions – Sony Has Answers – We’ll Have the Update Download Links



With the launch of the PlayStation 4 quickly approaching, our friends over at Sony have put together an awesome FAQ.

There’s no need for us to rehash their work, but we will note that in order to play Blu-rays and DVD’s on your PS4, you’ll need a day one update and some sort of online activation. Some are worried that if they don’t have access to the internet their machine will be handcuffed, but no need to worry. Once the PS4 System Update 1.50 goes live, we will have the official download link waiting for you as we have already eyed its location. This can then be installed VIA USB and safe mode so there’s no need to worry. Just download it to a PC at a friends house (or at work) and transfer to a USB. You can then update to the latest firmware.

PS4: The Ultimate FAQ