Pool Nation FX Coming for the PlayStation4


Cherry Pop games looks to chalk up a new PS4 launch title with Pool Nation FX

Following on from the critically acclaimed Pool Nation on PS3 and X360, comes Pool Nation FX for PlayStation 4, launching this holiday season. The game has a host of new features and exclusive game modes for the PS4 release, which will be announced over the coming months. However – a glimpse of what’s to come can be seen in the PS4 teaser video, featuring the all-new Box of Tricks.

Cherry Pop’s Gemma Jessop confirms, “Not only can you pull off the maddest, craziest trickshots ever seen in a pool game, but you can use the objects in pretty much anyway you see fit – let your imagination go wild!

Gemma also added “Our Box of Tricks, just one of the new PS4 Features, is a really cool bit of kit, utilizing what the hardware has to offer we have developed the editor further than we first imagined – there has never been a trickshot mode quite like it. It gives gamers the opportunity to create hours of fun gameplay, completing and creating challenges all of which you can then share with your friends… personally I can’t wait to see what trickshots are created!

Cherry Pop Games are an indie Studio based in Manchester, UK, with one ballsy aim – to take the simple game of billiards to another level. The PS4 launch of Pool Nation FX is the best version yet, packed with new and exciting gameplay features.


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