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The brand new expansion for the award-winning game available now on store



Matrix Games ( and Western Civilization Software ( are proud to announce the release of the long awaited Conflict of Heroes: Ghost Divisions, the first expansion for the official computer adaptation of the award-winning World War 2 tactical wargame Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear. 

Similar to the Awakening the Bear release, Conflict of Heroes: Ghost Divisions adds new content that has never been available before to Conflict of Heroes players, while staying true to the original board game rules. It also adds an exciting new feature – the ability to play any campaign multiplayer against a human opponent!

Ghost Divisions focuses on the battles of Army Group Center (nicknamed the “Ghost Division” because of its speed and independent movement, which even the German High Command had difficulty following) and its two Panzer Groups under Guderian and Hoth against the Red Army, the rapid initial Blitzkrieg and the drives to encircle and destroy the Soviet forces. Speed, coordination, concentration and combined arms will be necessary to lead your forces to victory!
This brand new expansion allows you to play company and platoon-sized forces from the 7th Panzer Division and the Grossdeutschland Regiment in two additional campaigns with 10 Scenarios total as a stand-alone or directly in the main game.  Multiplayer has also been added for head to head linked campaign games!

Accordingly with this new expansion, we release also the v1.30 update for Conflict of Heroes Awakening the Bear. This update includes improvements in memory management, and numerous bug fixes, plus adds features to be used with Ghost Divisions.

To download the update, players can run “Check for Update” via the game menu or download it directly from the game’s download page. 

New Features Exclusive to Ghost Divisions
• Campaigns consist of a number of related firefights that the player plays in a sequential order. For example, the Hoth campaign consists of five firefights named “Hoth1,” “Hoth2,” “Hoth3,” “Hoth4,” and “Hoth5;” to get to the Hoth firefights from the main menu, first select “Play Game,” then “Hoth Campaign.” To play through the Hoth campaign, choose the firefights in this order, one through five, as you would any other firefight. Any surviving units from a firefight that you or your opponent controls will be carried over to the next firefight in the campaign. Some of the units that carry over main gain experience and thus have improved stats.

You can play the firefights out of order, but you shouldn’t. For example, you can play “Hoth3” before you have played “Hoth2,” but if you do this, you won’t receive any of the units that would normally carry over between firefights and it will be very difficult.

For “Ghost Divisions” we have provided slightly different firefights for single and multiplayer lobby games in order to tweak the game balance.

• “Ghost Divisions” introduces the Soviet Sniper unit. Unlike other hidden units, hidden sniper units are revealed when attacking only 1 time out of 6. The player targeted by a sniper can spend CAPs to increase this chance: there is a new button on the left side of the screen in the CAPs area of the interface that allows you to spend 0, 1, or 2 CAPs on the next roll you make to detect an enemy sniper. Snipers always attack the flank defense of a target. The target of a hidden sniper receives an indication as to whether the attack came from the front or flank of the unit.

Classic AP Rules

The Classic AP rules recreate the activation system used in the board-game version of “Conflict of Heroes.” Select the Classic AP rule option by first selecting “Rule Options” from the main menu, then by selecting “APS Rule” until “Classic APs” is displayed.

When playing with the Classic AP rules a player cannot switch freely between his units. Once you select a unit to move, you must continue taking activations with this unit until you end the unit’s activation by pressing the ESCAPE key or by pressing the “End Activation” button. When a unit’s activation is ended it loses all remaining APs.

There are two ways to take actions with units other than the selected unit: Opportunity Actions and Command (CAPs) Actions.

Opportunity actions are initiated by pressing the “Opportunity Action” button. You can then select any of your units that has not already been spent (that is, that has APs remaining). After selecting this unit, you may take one action with the unit. After this action, the unit taking the opportunity action becomes spent, losing all of its remaining APs, and selection is returned to the formerly selected unit.

Command actions are similar to opportunity actions, but instead of causing the unit taking the command action to become spent, the player instead pays for actions taken by expending CAPs. Furthermore, command actions may be taken with any unit, even units that have already been spent.

Both opportunity and command actions may be canceled by pressing the “Normal Orders” button.

Change History:

v1.30 – June 13th, 2013
• Features
o Fixed button problem on victory screen for smaller width monitors
o Possible fix for bug randomizing quality of units carrying over between firefights of a campaign
o Fixes a few minor things pertinent to the Ghost Divisions.
o Campaigns and multiplayer reworked and updated.
o Campaigns can now be played multiplayer
o Russian Sniper unit added
o Numerous bug fixes including a significant improvement to memory management that should reduce out of memory crashes
o Added message upon completing a firefight in a campaign providing instructions on playing the next FF.
o Improved some memory usage and garbage collection methods.
o AI Placement data for all GD scenarios.
o Added multiplayer versions of the GD firefights. These are available from the lobby menu.

To download the update, players can run “Check for Update” via the game menu or download it directly HERE

Conflict of Heroes: Ghost Divisions REQUIRES ownership of Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear.  It will also work with the upcoming Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel.

Get more information on Conflict of Heroes: Ghost Divisions from its official product page.

About Conflict of Heroes: Ghost Divisions

Blitzkrieg on the Eastern Front!

Conflict of Heroes: Ghost Divisions is an expansion to the critically acclaimed tactical computer wargame Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear, which is in turn the official adaptation of the award-winning board game by the same name.  Conflict of Heroes: Ghost Divisions adds two exciting new campaigns to Conflict of Heroes as well as full multiplayer support, allowing those campaigns to be played head to head using the integrated multiplayer server. 

Army Group Center, under the command of Field Marshal Fedor von Bock, fought a series of pocket battles as it pushed towards Moscow in the summer of 1941. 

The Army Group consisted of the 4th Army ( von Kluge ) and the 9th Army (Strauss ) in the center. 

The wings of the Army Group were the fast moving armor and motorised units of the two Panzer Groups.  Panzer Group 3 under Hermann Hoth formed the Northern wing.  Panzer Group 2 under Heinz Guderian formed the Southern wing.  The two Panzer Groups smashed through the Russian defenses and performed a series of pincer movements, trapping large groups of enemy forces. 

The speed with which these forces moved and the surprise that their appearance created in the enemy often made them seem like ghosts, appearing in areas where no enemies were thought to be to strike suddenly at a flank or encircle a strong position.  Speed, coordination, concentration and combined arms allowed the Wehrmacht to control the initiative and keep the Red Army reeling. 

Still, the forces of the Panzer Groups were often stretched thin. Some Soviet units fought to escape, while others fought to open the pockets to save their comrades. Many battles were chaotic and the front lines shifted as the battles evolved. In the end, hundreds of thousands of Russian soldiers surrendered, and entire Russian Armies were destroyed. 

Conflict of Heroes: Ghost Divisions puts you in command of platoon and company-sized forces from the 7th Panzer Division and the Grossdeutschland Regiment in challenging scenarios that can be played as part of two linked campaigns or as completely stand-alone scenarios. 

With new multiplayer campaign support as well as two exciting new campaigns, Conflict of Heroes: Ghost Divisions is a great new add-on for any Conflict of Heroes player. 

Please note: Conflict of Heroes: Ghost Divisions REQUIRES ownership of Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear.  It will also work with the upcoming Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel.

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