Next Generation XBox Revealed: Inside the Box


The next generation of Microsoft’s Xbox has been revealed and named.

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** Update **

Xbox One to be released later this year with no backward compatability and games installed on the hard drive. Each disc will be locked in to one XBL Account to prevent sharing of discs.



Microsft has revealed their next gen Xbox, but gave it a rather confusing name. The number after a console’s name usually denotes where it lies in the lifecycle for the brand. Calling it an XBox One makes it seem like it belongs in the PS One lifecycle, which was three generations ago.

Regardless of its name, the console is being marketed as more of a media hub than a gaming console, with voice commands, Skype integration and a Blu-ray drive (no HD-DVD here)


Microsoft’s Marc Whitten just lifted the hood on the Xbox One’s technical specifications. In short: 8 gigs of RAM, USB 3.0, Wi-Fi Direct, a Blu-Ray disc drive, 64-bit architecture and “practically silent operation.”

Kinect 2.0 also gets a substantial upgrade. Whitten promised the integrated camera will have a wider field of view, and the sensor will be able to detect more joints, to include rotation of wrists and shoulders. “When you are exercising it can read your heartbeat.”

No solid release date has been set. It is coming “later this year”

Keep an eye on this post as more info is released.