MLB 13: The Show Gets Updated to 1.23 (PS3) & 1.06 (PSVita)


Sony’s flagship MLB baseball title takes another step in the right direction.

Details after the jump.

As Sony and San Diego Studios strives to keep their game glitch free and the best on the market, they have released patcheds for both the PS3 and the PS Vita versions of the game.

Game Update 1.23 was deployed on Monday, 5/20 at 3am. See The list of changes below…

  • – Updated Player Mugs/Photos now showing up in-game vs just the Frontend menus.
  • – Play Now Rated online to look at season logic and system date and use the team’s uniform they should be using for that day of the week.
  • – Addressed file write hangs related to universal profile that would happen in vaious places in the Frontend, often when entering into games.
  • – SWING/PITCH Disappearance Exploit. Swing Analysis would permanently disappear when opening and closing Pitcher/Batter Status window too many times or closing it when the window wasn’t completely transitioned in.
  • – File system hang in most game modes following extended play. This should make the HDD PSN downloadable version of the game stable.
  • – Uniform change to USA Futures.

If you are having any issues with either game, be sure to report your problems over at